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MIJO CONNECTED Launches with Disruptive New Smartwatch Platform Built with MicroEJ Wearable OS

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MIJO CONNECTED, led by the industry veterans known for crafting millions of smartwatches for top brands during their tenure at Fossil Group, will introduce the next generation of fashion-forward and battery-friendly smartwatch platforms at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 9-12. Focused on a future where smartwatch consumers don’t have to trade off sophisticated features for battery life, MIJO CONNECTED devices – powered by the new MICROEJ VEE ® Wear operating system – herald a new era of enhanced innovation and product options in the competitive wearables market.

VEE Wear enables MIJO CONNECTED to leverage apps and device software across various platforms without draining battery life. These range from cost-effective microcontroller systems, providing essential smartwatch features, to high-end platforms supporting ecosystems like Google Wear OS on microprocessors. This strategic platform approach accelerates product development, enhances efficiency and scalability to cater to diverse customer needs.

MIJO CONNECTED leverages VEE Wear for pivotal software features essential across its platforms. These features include watch faces, system menus, and other persistent or long-running applications such as wellness apps, workout modes, and music and media controller apps. These functionalities greatly benefit from operating on an efficient, low-power processor that typically serves as the primary microcontroller (MCU) on Real Time Operating System platforms or functions as a hybrid co-processor on higher-end platforms.

“Reusing software across multiple platforms significantly accelerates our pace of innovation,” said Steve Prokup, CEO at MIJO CONNECTED. “It expedites platform development and streamlines ongoing maintenance and upgrades, aligning with our commitment to consistently enhance all our platforms. As we introduce and improve features over time, seamless integration across our platforms becomes feasible, eliminating the need for extensive redesigns and new development efforts, as was previously necessary.”

“I am pleased that MIJO CONNECTED selected MicroEJ to further provide innovation and functionality to the fashion smartwatch market,” said Dr. Fred Rivard, CEO at MicroEJ. “Our collaboration marks a game-changer in the wearable industry. Now, brands can deliver top-tier, high-performance smartwatches that run on a large continuum of hardware. This turbocharges the appeal of low-power smartwatches for millions, elevating battery life and performance in fashion-oriented smartwatches.”


MIJO CONNECTED will demonstrate a reference smartwatch design for its platform at CES 2024, hosted at MicroEJ’s Booth #52739 in the Venetian Expo from January 9-12. Those interested can contact MIJO CONNECTED and MicroEJ for a preview or to learn more about each company.


MIJO CONNECTED is a research and product development firm specializing in connected device platforms. Founded by former members of Fossil’s elite connected device team, MIJO CONNECTED specializes in crafting customizable and scalable connected platforms with a fashion-forward approach addressing the entire wearable market. MIJO CONNECTED’s high-value software and design expertise enables brands to showcase their unique identity, swiftly access the market, benefit from economies of scale, and leverage unique market insights to fulfill customer demands.

MIJO CONNECTED is open for business to any brand looking for fashionable and economical connected devices.

▷ For more info: www.mijoconnected.com


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▷ For more info about MicroEJ:www.microej.com

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